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Investing in industrial property can unlock the door to consistent passive income

Like many women, I’ve been left feeling dismayed by investing in residential property. Tenants with no respect for the property, low returns, high cost of purchase, ongoing maintenance and repair costs – the list of problems goes on. I was ready to give up on real estate, until I discovered investing in industrial property.

Could investing in industrial property give you the financial security you’re looking for?

Better tenants, better returns

I’m convinced that investing in industrial property can provide many women with the path to financial security. Typically, it is a less volatile market than residential property or the share market, so you can feel more secure in the risk profile of your investment.

Lease periods are commonly signed for three or more years (unlike residential leases of as little as six months), and many tenants will rollover or renew their lease term repetitively. In addition, for industrial leases, the tenant is responsible for outgoings like management fees, rates, taxes, insurance, utilities and so forth. As the property is also their place of business and necessary for their income-producing enterprises, industrial tenants tend to take better care of the property, and in most lease agreements, also be responsible for any ‘make good’ requirements upon departing the property.

Industrial property also usually provides more income. In today’s market, industrial property returns are 5.5-7% net (ie after all expenses). In contrast, residential returns are typically only 2-5% gross. For women looking to generate passive income to fund their retirement, investing in industrial property can be a smart choice.

Learn how investing in industrial property can unlock your financial freedom.

Make money to enjoy your retirement

With the right strategy and support, if you are a woman in your 30s, 40s, or even 50s, you can act now to develop a robust industrial property portfolio that provides a steady and consistent passive income for retirement.

Women typically retire with less than half the superannuation men do. Taking a proactive approach and seeking tailored advice can help you to prevent being a statistic, and instead build financial security so that you can retire with confidence that you can live the lifestyle you want. Don’t be stuck drinking cask wine when you could be having champagne instead!

Keen to find out if industrial property is a good addition to your financial portfolio?

Money Factory Investing runs workshops especially for women just like you to find out more about investing in industrial property. We’ll answer all your questions – no matter how big or small – and provide you with a blueprint for how to develop an industrial property investment strategy and how to get the right advice so you can invest with confidence. You’ll leave the seminar with the knowledge of what support you’ll need and the questions you should ask of real estate agents, lawyers, property managers, tenants and more.

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