It was such a pleasure to meet Lillie Cawthorn for the Business in Heels event last January 31, 2017. She is such an inspirational lady and I will definitely promote her!

Natasa Radmanovic

“Lillie is an incredible speaker! Her story will not only teach you, but will also inspire you to aim higher, dig deeper and achieve your best!”

Scott Morrison
Host of the Multiply Your Business Podcast

“For years I’ve been trying to save cash and earning little, to no interest (by saving it) in the bank. I knew there was no “get-rich-quick” safe scheme option, but I felt I was never going to get ahead. Finding Lillie was a light bulb moment! Everything she said, in simple English, made perfect sense and was achievable. She is the “real deal” having walked the talk herself; she comes from a place of authenticity. I highly recommend Lillie and her mentoring. Her pearls of wisdom, experience and support are well worth it.”

Patricia Murray
Money Factory Apprentice

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know as you search for your own money factory. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to overcome the key fears and confusion commonly associated with industrial real estate investment.”

Gerry Robert, International bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for earning extra income. A fantastic book.”

Jean-Guy Francoeur, Author of MESSY Manager

“Elias et moi avont bien dormi et je suis entrain de le lire le livre de ta maman!!! Il est génial! J’adore! Dès que j ai fini de le lire je vais le donner à Simon!”

-“It’s great! I can’t put it down! It makes so much sense and she makes it sound so easy in a way!”

-“I have just finished the book! I read it in one go! I couldn’t stop reading it! You tell your mamma she is a genius and she made me want to ” be brave and have a go” I’ll defenitely have my husband read it too and maybe that’s the start of a new life for me!”

Imane Freudi


Everyone needs a mentor or a coach and when it comes to gaining confidence in your wealth creation strategies, Lillie Cawthorn breaks it down into a simple practice process.  We all want our own money factory and this book takes away fear and encourages you to get started.  I think this book is more practical than one may first realise as Lillie gets you thinking about your own philosophy towards money and wealth, and challenges the reader to “think differently” to the point that it makes sense to do so.

John Peterson, Coach/Educator/Author

“I just finished reading your book the Money Factory and found it very informative. It has raised interest in buying a factory unit. Your book was excellent and it all makes sense to me. Very easy to read and well written.”

Wayne Ellis