Do any of these apply to you?

  • Have money in the bank earning a pittance?
  • Residential property owner experiencing tenant headaches and high costs?
  • Been ‘burnt’ by bad financial advice?

Then read on:
An article in today’s Australian Financial Review affirms: “Industrial/Commercial Property Outshines All Other Investing Strategies” “Investing in commercial property has delivered better average returns over the past 10 years than investing in houses and apartments, new analysis shows”. Two weeks ago the AFR ran another article titled “Industrial trashes shares”.

Both these articles highlight the recently published statistics showing industrial real estate earns a consistent top rating investment income stream.

There are 3 essential reasons why industrial property is so safe.

What few people know, is when you rent out your industrial property,

1. the lease period is longer than residential
2. the security bond is larger and
3. rent income you receive is net, that is after all costs.

Last year I wrote a book The Money Factory, How Any Woman Can Make An Extra $30,000 to $100,000 Passive Income. In the book I explain in easy to understand language everything one needs to know to purchase a small industrial property. A former investor in residential property, I discovered industrial real estate seventeen years ago. Since then, I have accumulated a portfolio of small factories that have earned me an average of 13.5% p.a. net return.

When researching for The Money Factory, I discovered only 0.02% of those investing in industrial real estate are women. I found the reasons for that vary from “it’s a male domain” through “I wouldn’t know where to find it or what to look for,” to “how would I know I’m getting the right advice?”.

In a fun and entertaining way I answer all those questions and many, many, more at my 3 hour workshop.

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You will learn the difference between commercial and industrial property, how to find a good investment property, where to get trust worthy advice, how to manage your investment and set yourself on a path for better future finances forever!

Lillie Cawthorn


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