"For years I've been trying to save cash and earning little, to no interest (by saving it) in the bank. I knew there was no "get-rich-quick" safe scheme option, but I felt I was never going to get ahead. Finding Lillie was a light bulb moment! Everything she said, in simple English, made perfect sense and was achievable. She is the "real deal" having walked the talk herself; she comes from a place of authenticity. I highly recommend Lillie and her mentoring. Her pearls of wisdom, experience and support are well worth it."
- Patricia Murray

Apprentice Program

"Apprentice Patricia Murray offers her review of the
Money Factory Apprentice Program"

Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire you? Or one where you can’t earn as much as you should

Or do you have a great career, but you put in way too many hours and have no time for your family and friends, hobbies, travel. . . yourself

Do you worry about how you’ll ever save enough money for a secure retirement – much less the one you dream of

Have you always wanted to earn passive income but have no idea how or where to start?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, I’d like to offer you an amazing opportunity: Join my Apprentice program, and I’ll teach you everything I know about earning phenomenal passive income by investing in industrial properties.

I call industrial real estate investment – i.e buying small unit factories and warehouses, then leasing them out – “money factories” because it’s such an excellent way to earn passive income. Industrial properties lease for longer and the return on investment is MORE than TWICE what it is with residential real estate!

You don’t need any special financial knowledge or an investment background to succeed in the Money Factory Apprentice program. And as your mentor, I’ll share everything I have learned in the 15 years since I bought my first industrial property, so you will succeed after you graduate from being an apprentice to being a money factory owner!

I now have a lucrative portfolio of properties on three continents, and I want to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained about this well-kept investment secret with others – particularly with women, who might be intimidated, as I once was, in a decidedly male-dominated domain.

Though I made some mistakes along the way to earning my fortune, you won’t have to, if you join my Money Factory Apprentice program. You’ll have unparalleled access to all of my ideas and experience, and you’ll get training and support that will help you change your life for the better. 

What’s Included?

  1. Deal Breaker Research™ – Work one-on-one with Lillie and her professional team for critical inside information and expert advice on all aspects of selecting the right investment property in current market situations:
    • Business Advisor: (1-Hour Consultation) to ensure you purchase the property in the correct entity name.
      An error here could cost you a lot of money in tax.
    • Finance Provider: (1-Hour Consultation) to commence pre-purchase loan application.
    • Industrial Real Estate Agent: An agent is allocated to assist you in locating the RIGHT property for you.
  2. PLUS Deal Breaker Research™ Continues With:
    • 4 site visits with Lillie and the agent.
    • The professional scrutiny of EVERY property being considered by Lillie’s Team for:
      – The building and its location answering the question “Is this a sound investment property?”
      – The investment R.O.I answering the question “Is this a sound financial investment property?”
      – Personal Budget answering the question “Can you afford this investment property?”
  3. Meet The Supporting Cast Of Professional Advisors
    • Lillie’s Conveyancing Solicitor: (1-Hour Consultation) to ensure there are no hidden clauses or defects in the sales and purchasing agreement.
    • Lillie’s Leasing Agent: (1-Hour Consultation) to locate a tenant (agent fee applies) and ensure the best structure and terms of a lease including; Net vs Gross rent, Security bond amount, Lease term (length), Make Good Clause.
    • Lillie’s Asset Managers: (1-hour Consultation) who oversee: rent collection, lease management, property management, monitoring the building condition and maintenance, and explaining rent statements.
  1. Leveraging Your Investment – Regular on-going access to Lillie via email/telephone for mentoring on progress of your investment and get ready activities towards leveraging your investment to purchase a second property.
  2. Unlimited Email Coaching – Available to you 24/7 with a 24-hour response time.
  3. Office Hours to make sure you are never stuck.

BONUS: For a LIMITED TIME Lillie will GUARANTEE tenant replacement if the tenant ‘goes bad’ in the first month for: not paying rent, damaging property or otherwise creating a risk to your property.