1. Money Matters – 6 Steps To Financial Power

Empowerment – over coming obstacles to write her book
6 Common mistakes made when budgeting
Facts around debt & superannuation
Using your super fund to invest
Introduction to Industrial Real Estate
What is a Money Factory
Why a Money Factory is a better investment vehicle than residential investment

2. Aspire To Invest – 7 Power Tips For Investing In Industrial Real Estate

What is industrial real estate
Where to find an investment property
Knowing what to look for in a property
Decoding business “geek-speak”
Managing your asset: the importance of a Power Team
The correct tenant lease for the best return
Building on the investment

3. The Money Factory Apprentice Weekend Bootcamp

4. Write A Book & Boost Your Business

Why is a book so effective?
The money around the book
Funding your book

5. 8-Steps To Publishing Success