“Welcome to my Money Factory blog! I’m Lillie Cawthorn.

They say  “It’s a man’s world,” and traditionally, that’s especially been the case in industrial real estate investment. (Honestly, even lots of men don’t know about it!)

Investing in properties like factories and warehouses may not sound very sexy, but consider this: Industrial real estate can make you a small fortune,  just like it has for me. How does earning passive income of $30,000–$100,000 sound?

Pretty interesting, right?

I switched from investing in residential real estate to investing in industrial property 17 years ago. With a portfolio of lucrative properties in Australia, France, and the United States today, you can be sure I’ve never looked back!

When researching for my book The Money Factory last year, I discovered very few women know about this opportunity. In fact, a check on our database at our industrial real estate office, revealed that only .02 per cent of our 700 plus clients are women.

So in what was once a guys-only game,  I want to empower you to do the same.In my blog, I will share some of the tips and tricks I have learned through experience in the industry and from the wisdom, guidance, and support of many wonderful  mentors. I will be there for you, just like my mentors were for me – helping me stay strong and forge a path to personal empowerment and financial freedom!

Though today I speak to crowds all over the world about learning from my success in industrial real estate, I’m inviting you to think of my blog as a conversation just between us: some very rewarding girl talk! Let’s get started!

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Not all industrial real estate agencies run an asset management division. This is important to understand when you purchase your investment property. A managing agent may manage buildings, but an asset manager runs everything to do with your investment, including both the financial aspect and the physical property management. When a company manages many hundreds of buildings in this way, they will attract higher quality asset managers to their personnel, and will have installed better systems for more effective control and management of your asset. As a general rule, the higher the volume of properties a company manages, the

Selecting the right solicitor when you purchase or lease your industrial property investment is crucial. A solicitor who is experienced in industrial real estate conveyancing will help ensure the successful outcome for your investment and ultimately help you avoid making costly errors.

A pharmaceutical company wished to lease a building in a popular part of Western Sydney. The lessor’s (owner’s) agent had worked with the lessee (tenant), and both parties had agreed to essential lease terms and agreed on the amount of security bond to be paid. The tenant’s solicitor was not experienced in industrial real estate leases. He decided

When I first heard the term ‘industrial real estate’, I immediately envisaged a large, red brick building full of macho men in hard hats, belching air-polluting smoke (the building, not the men!) into the atmosphere. In my imagination all of the agents were men, as were all the people tenanting the buildings. Indeed, this seemed a very intimidating place for a woman.
Commercial real estate, is something I could understand–I’ve been shopping, so I can relate and imagine. But factories? I had no idea. In fact, that was pretty much the way it used to be. When I purchased

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Not everyone is in a position to invest immediately. If you are able to purchase an investment property outright, or have already saved a substantial deposit, then you don’t need to read this post.
This particular post is for younger women, or anyone out there who wonders how you will ever get a deposit together for an investment, especially if you are having trouble making ends meet now.
Here’s the thing about money. Whatever you believe is true, is true! If you believe money is hard to come by, then it will be hard to come by for

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