“Welcome to my Money Factory blog! I’m Lillie Cawthorn.

They say  “It’s a man’s world,” and traditionally, that’s especially been the case in industrial real estate investment. (Honestly, even lots of men don’t know about it!)

Investing in properties like factories and warehouses may not sound very sexy, but consider this: Industrial real estate can make you a small fortune,  just like it has for me. How does earning passive income of $30,000–$100,000 sound?

Pretty interesting, right?

I switched from investing in residential real estate to investing in industrial property 17 years ago. With a portfolio of lucrative properties in Australia, France, and the United States today, you can be sure I’ve never looked back!

When researching for my book The Money Factory last year, I discovered very few women know about this opportunity. In fact, a check on our database at our industrial real estate office, revealed that only .02 per cent of our 700 plus clients are women.

So in what was once a guys-only game,  I want to empower you to do the same.In my blog, I will share some of the tips and tricks I have learned through experience in the industry and from the wisdom, guidance, and support of many wonderful  mentors. I will be there for you, just like my mentors were for me – helping me stay strong and forge a path to personal empowerment and financial freedom!

Though today I speak to crowds all over the world about learning from my success in industrial real estate, I’m inviting you to think of my blog as a conversation just between us: some very rewarding girl talk! Let’s get started!

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Industrial real estate’s income generating potential can unlock the door to your financial freedom

Do you need an investment strategy that will provide you with consistent income? Industrial real estate consistently exceeds the returns generated by both commercial and residential property. When it comes to providing consistent and stable income, industrial property is an untapped opportunity for many investors, especially women. Here’s our top 5 reasons why industrial property trumps other real estate classes for generating income.

Reason 1: Higher returns, lower volatility over the long-term
As reported in the Australian Financial Review in June 2016, industrial property has provided returns of 8.2%

And why industrial real estate can be a superior investment
When I tell people that I invest in industrial real estate, I can almost guarantee that they’ll respond with, “Oh, yes. shops and offices.” But that’s not what I mean by industrial real estate.

Industrial = industry
Industrial real estate refers to factories and warehouses. In contrast, commercial real estate refers to sites of commerce, namely shops and offices. An easy way to think about it is if you are retailing a product or service directly to the public, you’d have a commercial business. Conversely, if you were a wholesaler, manufacturer or supplier

Failing to think about your superannuation can have a big cost
Here’s a startling fact for you. According to the Senate Inquiry into Women’s Economic Security in Retirement findings released in April 2016, one in three Australian women retire with no super at all. Let me say that again: one in three Australian women retire with NO SUPERANNUATION.

I don’t know about you, but that information is positively terrifying to me. As women, we tend to live longer than men, but due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, time out of the workforce to raise children, the gender

Take control of your financial future
Investing in industrial property can unlock the door to consistent passive income
Like many women, I’ve been left feeling dismayed by investing in residential property. Tenants with no respect for the property, low returns, high cost of purchase, ongoing maintenance and repair costs – the list of problems goes on. I was ready to give up on real estate, until I discovered investing in industrial property.
Could investing in industrial property give you the financial security you’re looking for?
Better tenants, better returns
I’m convinced that investing in industrial property can provide many women with the path to

Property trusts provide a way for investors to receive capital appreciation and income from real estate without having to actually purchase and maintain the property themselves. These trusts can be listed–that is, listed on the stock exchange–and purchased through a stock broker, or unlisted–that is, founded privately, typically through solicitors, accountants, and financial advisors.
The managers of unlisted property trusts usually raise funds to buy or develop a particular piece of real estate. This means a group of people (not necessarily known to each other) are invited to pool their money until the purchase price required to acquire the chosen property

In the process of researching information for my book ‘The Money Factory’, I came across this very pertinent article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Perhaps the average working women doesn’t have the time to read the business section of this worthy publication, or, if the statistics are correct, women do not spend enough time reflecting on the subject of superannuation. Below is an excerpt from an article that concerns every Australian woman. I encourage you to go to the website listed at the end of the excerpt and read the entire article. The speaker is National Australia

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You may not know anything at all about industrial real estate property, but I promise you, it will not take long before you are inspecting a factory or a warehouse with the same practised eye you use to choose a new home. Before you start searching for a property, or even think of inspecting one, you’ll first want to familiarise yourself with these main attributes.

When inspecting a property, familiarize yourself with the following points. These should be first checked and then discussed with the agent when you inspect the property.
Familiarise yourself with the following points.

All wealthy people understand that money makes money, but the hardest part is getting the first deposit together for an investment.
At first it seems an overwhelming task, I know, I’ve been there. But life has a way of marching relentlessly on, and one day we wake up and realise, ‘Seventeen years have slipped by - where did it go?’
Seventeen years is not a long time, but it is long enough to take you from young to midlife, or midlife to retirement.
It is long enough to establish good habits or bad habits, both financially and elsewhere in life. However, in that

Choosing the right solicitor is very important when you invest in industrial real estate. Even if you have an excellent relationship already in place with a family solicitor, it doesn’t always follow that they are experienced with:
- industrial sales and purchase contracts, and/or
- tenant leases
If this is the case for you, ask your industrial real estate agent or family solicitor to recommend a firm with experience in Industrial Real Estate.

This is why you need the right solicitor when purchasing an industrial property.
Negotiating The Purchase
When you purchase your investment property, the agent will have negotiated with you, on behalf of

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